The man and the sea

First departure and contact with the Hasselblad 500C with a reel Ilford delta 400 Pro and the company of two Great friends. Jose Luis and Juan Antonio.

That morning we decided to go to Santa Pola to take a tour of the port to see if we caught something, lunch was safe, the rest comes with the walk.




Carry in your hands a pile of these, fills you with sensations, from putting the film, understanding the light, framing when looking through a window where the right is left and vice versa,

Focusing and looking through that magnifying glass until the shoot, becomes a ritual.


After the first shots you are losing that “fear” to the unknown, you relax and you forget about what you carry in your hands,

You see the light and you know what you need, you just have to frame and focus, with each photo is

More simple and already, to walk and enjoy



Good feelings I brought this exit, a few photos in a format that I did not know and I was pleasantly surprised, and that lunch count …….



IMG_20170218_0002webHasselblad 500C, February 2017