The darkroom

Since everything has a beginning, here we start with putting the reel to the camera, I have put a Kodak Tmax 400 forced to 1600 iso revealed with D76 (stock).



Everything is already prepared, the liquids each in his tank, the tank, the thermometer, the spiral, tweezers, scissors, everything put in order, there is no turning back …… it is at that moment when he Whole body a rare sensation.



With the reel between your hands and the spiral in place comes the moment to turn off the light …. you know that it is the decisive moment and you begin to stretch of the film to introduce it in the spiral, there is when you enter in panic jajajajaja, Turn around the film is coming in (if it does not go to the first nothing happens, it starts again) when it reaches the end is cut and put the spiral in the tank, it closes and you can turn on the light ….. .. and breathe (it seems that time stops lol).



Now we have to follow a few times and a method, all the liquids are added and the time comes to wash and dry the negative (two hours without drafts so that the dust does not stick) and that’s it, we ask to cut and scan




Just to say that I have enjoyed a lot, since I put the reel until I upload the photos to my web to share them with you

Thank you

Kodak Tmax 400, Leica M6, Summicron 50mm 2.0