My name is Jose Gálvez, “Cicu”.

I came to the photo by chance in 2009, self-taught author.

I am currently immersed in Urban photography and projects on documentary photography, I shoot both digital and analogical, in my images I try to tell the daily life and those moments that make each moment unique. Most of my work is in black and white with very contrasted images, although I do not discard the color as you can see.

I have participated in several exhibitions and collective publications.


  • “The Other Look”, Caritas. 2011
  •  “The Color Dormido” exhibition in Black and White, 2012
  •  “Murales De San Isidro”, Tribute to Miguel Hernández, Orihuela, 2012
  •  “Urban Photography Exhibition” Orihuela, 2013
  •  “Contemporary Museum of Alarcon”, Cuenca 2015
  •  “Collective exhibition at the Fotomatón Festival 



  • “Murals of San Isidro 1976-2012” ISBN: 978-84-616-3500-9

Collaborations and Projects:  


  • Founding member of Street Soul Photography Collective
  • Founding Member of EFI (Iberian Photo Encounter)
  • Select Photographer DNG Magazine
  • Founding member of the Festival Photomatón

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Here you can see my work on photography, both urban and social reporting and empty urban spaces where the hand of man has left its imprint.


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